Nutty for Numbers

While literacy is vital for students, so is numeracy! In all our programs, students are active participants in their learning. Activities require them to demonstrate their understanding of the concept and hence achievement of the learning outcome. Our ‘Nutty for Numbers’ classes are no different.

Nutty for Numbers’ is suitable for 3 to 4-year old preschool students. It teaches the concepts needed for the successful development of math skills at school. Many people believe that there is no need to teach literacy and numeracy prior to the school setting. At Learn and Leap, we don’t agree. Our past students have excelled at school because of the ‘head start’ they had by participating in our programs.

As the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) strongly tells us, the foundations of literacy and numeracy are laid well before formal schooling starts: Positive attitudes and competencies in literacy and numeracy are essential for children’s successful learning. The foundations for these competencies are built in early childhood (DEEWR, 2009, p. 38).

While play-based, incidental learning is important, so too is direct and explicit teaching of literacy and numeracy concepts. Many concepts are complex and we can’t risk that they are not understood before your child goes to school. The concepts we teach are:

  1. Numbers to 20 – counting
  2. Numerals to 20 – count and match
  3. Quantity – same, more or less, many, few
  4. Attributes & Measurement – big and small, long and short, longer and shorter, tall and short, taller and shorter, tallest and shortest
  5. Attributes – shape and colour
  6. Classifying by type, taste, texture
  7. Patterns
  8. Number – more than, less than
  9. Number – making sets to 10
  10. Number – adding and subtracting sets
  11. Counting – adding 1 more, 2 more …….
  12. Attributes & Measurement – full and empty, heavy and light, heavier and lighter
  13. Position – in front of, behind, beside, under, over
  14. Money
  15. Time – Days of the week, the clock
My son David has been attending Learn and Leap now since beginning of year, and he has come along in leaps and bounds he now gets 10 out of ten for his spelling words every week, and his reading skills have improved 100%.I would not hesitate to tell anyone considering getting help for their children to drop into their office and have a chat, a very happy parent and child.
Rodney – June 2014